Trail conditions today are poor with a slushy water saturated surface. We received about 2-3 inches of new snow and then rain on top of that creating saturated snow on the trail. If people can stay off the trail until temperatures drop and surface freezes that would be good, Otherwise we will end up with a frozen rough and rutted trail. 

2/15/19  We received about 7 inches of snow in the area on Wednesday. The Trail was groomed yesterday from Franklin (Mile 11)  to Jonesboro (Mile 47). This snow was not great for grooming and without having any base to work with some rocks from the middle of the trail have worked there way to he top. Trail has also been groomed from East Machias/Berry Township line (Mile 70) to Ayers Junction (Mile 87).  Current temp is 33 degres in Cherryfield (mile 30) and forecast is for rain this afternoon and tonight.

2/7/19 Temperature today is 37 degrees, trail is barely covered in most locations.

1/31/19 We received 2-3 inches of new snow last night. That is about all there is on trail surface as trail was nearly bare after the recent rains.Not enough for any grooming activities.