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Legal Notice: The undersigned, as a Member in good standing of the SUNRISE TRAIL COALITION, INC., a Maine nonprofit corporation, hereby constitutes and appoints the following selected nominees with full power of substitution, as the undersigned's true and lawful attorney and agent for and in the undersigned's name, place and stead to vote as the undersigned's proxy at the Annual Meeting to be held October 25, 2017,  5:00 PM, Ellsworth City Hall 2nd Floor Auditorium or at any adjournment thereof, for the election of the below nominees to the  Board of Directors and such other business as may be stated in the Notice of Annual Meeting, and to act as fully as if the undersigned were personally present. This proxy shall be valid until eleven (11) months from its date of execution and the undersigned hereby revokes any other proxy heretofore given by the undersigned in connection with such Annual Meeting.